Did You Know Most of us Suffer Silently From Poor Nutrition?

Why food is not cutting it, and how it’s effecting our bodies and even the continuation of the human race.


Did you know that our diets, stress, and way of life are actually causing our bodies to send “do not reproduce” signals to our reproductive organs causing an increase in infertility rates? The Handmaid’s Tale is no longer a far off dystopian novel.

We are humans, and at our core, we are animals. We survived for hundreds of thousands of years on seasonal diets grown from the land. We lived tribally and communally, rose with the sun and slept with the moon. Natural Selection meant that those who were malnourished or weaker would not survive.

Our bodies enabled stress responses when we were running from sabertooth tigers or running out of food. Fear and stress were mechanisms to keep us alive. They were temporary, and when functioning properly, they would defuse when we were no longer in danger, and our bodies would be in a calm internal state.

Today, many of our bodies are malnourished in terms of maintaining homeostasis-” the ability to maintain a stable internal state that persists despite changes in the world outside.”

We are malnourished because we’re eating packaged, highly-processed foods that our body doesn’t know what to do with. It’s estimated that over half of the American diet is comprised of ultra-processed foods such as crackers, cake mixes, and dips. A five-year study of over 100,000 people revealed that a 10% increased in processed food intake caused a 12% increase in the risk of cancer.

We are also functioning with high levels of stress that keep our Autonomic Nervous System in heightened states for way longer periods of time than our bodies are able to handle.

Studies show that 75-90% of all doctor visits are stress-related incidents.

Why? Because when our Autonomic Nervous System is turned on high it depletes the nutrition in our body that would otherwise keep us healthy, keep our immune systems strong, and our organs functioning properly.

When the Autonomic Nervous System is triggered, the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) kicks it our fight or flight response. Cortisol and adrenaline are released which increases our heart rate, disturbs metabolism, dilates our pupils and much more. Our body starts using up its nutrients so we can either run away or physically engage- fight or flight.

The SNS is meant to be calmed down by the Parasympathetic Nervous System and returns the body to its regular functioning state. However, our productivity and stress-filled society cause many of us to live with chronic stress.

Over time, this has increased the risk of heart disease, illness, and functionality. Most of us, even if we are eating healthy, organic, locally sourced diets, are still experiencing malnutrition induced by high-levels of constant stress.


Along with smoking and being overweight, poor nutrition is causing increased rates of infertility in both women and men.

In a 38 year-long study scientists found that male infertility increased significantly from the 1970s.

When we experience poor nutrition, the force of nature and natural selection tell our bodies no more reproduction of this gene pool.

So what can we do to make sure we are getting the right nutrition even if we experience high levels of stress and don’t have access to the cleanest organic foods?

Two words: Daily Multivitamins.

Think of your daily vitamin as an insurance policy. You’re busy. You have a full life with work, complicated relationships, projects, pets, homes to maintain, and places to be. We don’t all have time to cook meals that have every color of the rainbow and as much as we’d love to have time to meditate and de-stress every day, there are days it just doesn’t happen.

When you take a multivitamin, you ensure that you get what your body needs even when you run out of time in your day. In an observational study (which is less controlled than a clinical study) showed in 43,000 women that taking a multivitamin improved colon health and fertility.

According to the CDC, 87% of adults are not getting their suggested dose of daily vegetables. This causes us to lack vitamins and minerals which increases disease and infertility rates.


Taking a vitamin decreases your risk of heart disease. When you take a high-quality supplement such as Key Nutrition’s Daily Multivitamins, you fight this leading cause of death. Vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, K1, Niacin, CoQ10 and magnesium all are correlated to a lower risk of heart disease.

In the largest Multivitamin study ever conducted, Dr. Howard Sesso at the Harvard School of Public Health assigned 14,000 men to take daily multivitamins or placebos. After 11 years, the study revealed that men who took the multivitamin had an 8% lesser chance of being diagnosed with cancer.

The same study showed that participants had a 9% lower chance of being diagnosed with cataracts.

Just because we have a lot of food in our refrigerator, and the pantry is stocked does not mean that we are getting the right nutrition.  Highly packaged foods can be detrimental to our health and the longevity of our lives. Even though it’s just one small act, the vast array of benefits you get from taking daily multivitamins can alter your life. Take a look at your day-to-day intake and stress. Could your worry and fear be depleting your body of its nutrients and running you dry? Feeling run-down isn’t just bad for our mental health- it’s a sign that your body is malnourished.

What’s holding you back from taking one small step towards a healthier you?

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