Fall-Time Immune System Boost

Stay healthy by incorporating these foods into your diet! 

Our immune system’s primary role is to fight disease and maintain good health. Bacteria and parasites are commonly found in and outside of our bodies, but our immune system is able to keep germs at bay - if it is healthy. Choosing fast foods overloaded with salt, sugar, preservatives and other chemicals, the immune system can’t function properly.

This is why it is so important to supercharge your immune system so that you can live a healthy life.  A weak immune system that is malnourished is vulnerable to infectious diseases. 

Choosing whole fruits and vegetables is an excellent basis for disease protection. And since Summer time has come and gone, many of the popular produce we often count on for immune support might not be in season. So here is our guide to Fall options that can keep you healthy during the colder months: 

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger

There’s something magical about the Fall-time chill in the air, and the leaves in all their red and golden hues. Our bellies begin to crave warm, savory foods that represent everything wonderful about this season. Why not spoil yourself with things you love – a walk in the countryside or at a local park, and then return home to indulge in some in some autumn-inspired meals? 

Fiber in a Glass  

Remember, too, that some vegetable juices can do the immune system the world of good and are a good source of fiber in a quick, easy-to-use form. Cucumber, carrots, parsley, and spinach, for instance, contain ingredients such as alfalfa, probiotics, green tea and spirulina and are excellent for people on the go. 

Bobbing for Apples

Apples are high on the list for immune-boosting foods for fall. What can’t apples do? With Vitamin C, K and high potassium, just one apple can meet a good portion of your advised daily nutritional intake. You can chop it up and juice it, or eat it whole! 

For a delicious fall treat, opt for a candied apple! Your kids will love them as much as they love candy, and you can sneak the cold-fighting healthy properties beneath the caramel glaze. 


Beets are a well-known ‘super-food’ that have been on the rise in recent years, and lucky for us, they are always in season! These roots are rich in betanin, a powerful antioxidant, which gives this food its vibrant pinkish-red coloring. Beets also contain manganese, folate, potassium, and vitamin B2. They are great for juices, as well as a colorful beetroot hummus to serve as an appetizer! 

Give Artichokes a Try!

Artichokes scare a lot of people off because they may not know how to serve them, or even worse- they’ve been buying them in cans! This time of year is perfect to ditch the can and buy it fresh because they are in season! Did you know, per gram, artichokes contain more antioxidants than any other vegetable, well, except the African Baobab tree leaves. 

Try roasting artichokes: cut stems and pointy leaves and then place your favorite flavorings inside, such as garlic, butter, chili. Roast on high for 30-45 minutes and serve your family or guests a huge serving of surprisingly tasty, health-enhancing food! 


Bonus Recipe Ideas

Recipe: Key’s Hearty Seasonal Salad 

The base of our Salad is preferably spinach, as it is in season year-round, however, any green leafy base will do! 

Brussels sprouts are in season and are believed to help fight cancer. Like any other cabbage vegetables, they are great for adding crunch to any meal. Slice or throw in a food processor to add the perfect healthy bite. 

Cranberries are an autumn staple- Hello, Thanksgiving! Did you know these beautiful little berries have been shown to decrease cardiovascular-related health problems? Skip the sugary processed juice and reach for the fresh berry! Cranberries are a great colorful addition to any salad. 

Chestnuts are the best autumn and winter nut. They contain less fat than any other nut and are super-rich in Vitamin C and immune-boosting qualities. Throw them in the salad for added taste! 

Sweet Potatoes can give your salad a hardy feel to give your dinner guests a warm, delicious and super healthy carb to eat. This adds an element of real weight to any salad. Serve roasted with cinnamon instead of sugar! 

Roasted Cauliflower is the perfect way to spice up your salad. Finely chop this perfect autumn ingredient, spice, bake and toss into the salad! 

For the dressing, whip up a Greek Yogurt based sauce that contains your favorite fall-inspired ingredients. We’ve seen some festive options like pumpkin, cinnamon, and other autumn foods spicing up dressings this season! 

Recipe: Key’s Healthy Pumpkin Patch Dessert 

With a healthy combination of coconut oil, dates, pumpkin and oats, the Skinny Pecan Pumpkin Pie Bars recipe from Its Cheat Day Everyday will meet all your fall-flavoured needs this season.

Find the recipe here: http://www.itscheatdayeveryday.com/skinny-pecan-pumpkin-pie-bars/

Pumpkin is a great option for healthy fall foods because it has relatively low calories for the number of nutrients it packs. In particular, pumpkins boast a high content of Vitamin A which aid in immune support, eye health, cancer risk, bone health, and much more! 

Fall can be a really fun time to switch out the regular old strawberries with some seasonal fruits and vegetables! Let’s face it, we don’t pumpkin spice anything unless the leaves are turning! So take advantage of the fall ingredients and all the nutrients they have to offer. As always- it’s a great idea to cover yourself and get your nutritional ‘insurance’ through daily multivitamins like those offered by Key Nutrition. It can be hard to get all of our daily needs to battle off all the cold and flu symptoms! 










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