Do Men and Women Really Need Different Daily Multivitamins?

Here are the key differences and what you should look for! 

In spite of the fabulous selection of foods we have to eat, diseases are more prevalent than ever before. 

The illnesses we endure in the 21st century have a common origin – our modern, stressed lifestyle and our poor food choices which are devoid of nutrients. On top of this, even many of the raw, whole foods we eat aren’t completely healthy. 

Here’s why: 

In mass production, many farmers use pesticides to help protect their crops and also often force-grow their crops to speed time to market. This is why it’s important to opt for organically grown fruit and vegetables whenever possible. 

Taking multivitamin supplements becomes necessary to counter our normal, often unhealthy, diets to avoid being undernourished. In fact, extensive research has been done on multivitamin supplementation, and most studies emphasize the need for daily vitamins because of our nutritionally deficient diets. 

Why Men & Women Require Different Supplementation 

When it comes to nutritional needs, men and women will be looking at different multivitamins. Still, there are some health issues that both men and women face and they will be looking at similar multivitamins. 

When it comes to shopping for a general multivitamin for yourself and your partner, there are many excellent ones that will cater to you both. 

Women battle far more with weight than what men do, and multivitamins for women often have green tea as an ingredient to boost weight loss. A man taking such a multivitamin won’t suffer any harm whatsoever ingesting green tea. 

Heart Disease Supplements – for Men and Women 

There was a time when men’s heart disease risks were higher than those of women. Multivitamins to strengthen the heart were geared more towards men. Modern women, however, are taking on all the roles once reserved for men that often cause stress related issues.  Today, heart disease is no longer just a masculine problem. Annually, coronary heart disease claims the lives of men and women in equal numbers. 

Gone are the days where men are more likely to experience cardiovascular issues than women. Both men and women now need to take extra care to maintain the health of their hearts. 

Exercise is imperative for a healthy heart, and these days many supplements have natural energy-boosting properties to improve endurance and mindset, which ultimately leads to better performance. 

Sports Supplements Usually Gender-Based

You will find many sports supplements are specifically geared towards women because of the ingredients. A man can however still take the supplement even though it could include an ingredient such as Maca which is of particular benefit for post-menopausal women athletes. 

There are Multivitamins for Everyone     

It’s easy to understand that there will be certain multivitamins geared towards men and some geared towards women. Walking into a health store or pharmacy you see that there are vitamins for men, women, babies and elderly people. 

There are vitamins for men looking to avoid prostate cancer. These vitamins are found in many supplements, but in Men’s Dailys, these will be revved up a bit to ensure complete absorption.  Their early warning signs of this cancer include an increased number of visits to the toilet and trouble starting or stopping their urine stream. Symptoms progressively worsen until this cancer is treated. 

In many Women’s multivitamins, you’ll find ingredients that aid in vaginal health! For example, women who experience a burning sensation with urination will look for cranberry juice supplementation. Some multivitamins will include low levels of cranberry extract for protection against this issue. 

Hormone Supplements Target the Different Sexes 

There are vitamins that promise to help women through their menopausal phase. Multivitamin manufacturers know that it is important to modulate estrogen metabolism if a woman wants to avoid a host of health conditions. 

Symptoms of high estrogen levels can include bloating, mood swings, hair loss, and headaches, and modulation of estrogen metabolism can be achieved with supplementation for women with selected nutrients. 

Then again, testosterone, the male-dominant sex hormone, also has important functions. Low testosterone can also cause a host of problems with men such as hair loss, reduced bone mass, erectile dysfunction, a decrease in energy levels and an increase in body fat. 

There are multivitamins for men that have been scientifically verified as testosterone-boosting supplements. Some of these are D-Aspartic Acid, vitamin D and Zinc among others. Zinc is also known as the thymus booster, and in fact, is the most important mineral to the thymus gland which is so important for a healthy immune system.

Additionally, ginger may well be a common household spice, but it also excellent for its abilities to reduce inflammation and boost testosterone levels. 

Whether you’re male or female in the 21st century, your diet may well be less than optimal (even if your refrigerator is stocked). A multivitamin specifically designed for men or women can help to take care of those nutritional gaps but also target specific health issues. 

Some vitamins are of particular importance for women during pregnancy. Folic acid, as well as the B-vitamins, will be important during pregnancy to prevent birth defects.  

Men and women sometimes have different nutritional needs, so it is a good idea to select a specified multivitamin according to your gender. Additionally, a lot of multivitamins take into the calorie and daily dietary intake differences between men and women. It won’t hurt to take a vitamin specified for the other sex because whatever our bodies don’t need the let go in our urine and waste. 

A Multivitamin for YOUR Needs

Be sure that the multivitamin you choose includes vitamins and minerals you specifically need and preferably get to know reputable brands like Key Nutrition. There are myriad  multivitamins specified for different genders and stages in your development! 

Additionally, if you have specific health needs, different brands offer different formulas,  so learn what your body needs -- do your research. Always thoroughly review the label to see if the gender-specific ingredients you need are included.


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