2020, Here I Come!

Key Nutrition is run on our core value that people should be empowered to take control of their health and always strive for their own best physical well-being!

For each person, this can look vastly different. Some people might want to get ripped at CrossFit gyms and go to body sculpting competitions. Others might like to improve their flexibility and balance at yoga, or look damn-good at the lake during the summer! Your unique health journey is in your hands, and we hope that excites you as much as it does us!


Should you take supplements?

We believe a pretty crucial part of a solid health routine is taking at least a daily Multivitamin, an all natural Probiotic, and perhaps an immune support like Apple Cider Vinegar supplements or Turmeric!

From there, you can decide if you want to take something that naturally supports weight loss (also Apple Cider), or bone health if you’re aging! There are so many great natural remedies that can help prevent or possibly replace the need to take hard prescription drugs!


How do you choose supplements?

When it comes to taking extra supplementation to optimize the way you feel and function, it is a totally intuitive process. We really encourage you to do your own research and tune into how your body feels during the day. There are so many health fads and trends these days, it leaves consumers at odds with a thousand different products in their homes that don’t work.

What we love about our products is that our customers continue to return and give great reviews. They can really feel the benefits because our supplements are totally natural, free of GMOs and fillers, and organic! It’s 100% nutrition… that’s the key!

When you do decide that a supplement might be a good addition to your health, a great idea is to record or take a mental note of the way you feel! Is it actually making you feel better? Are you getting sick less? Do you have more positive energy? Less joint pain or fatigue throughout the day?

If not, you shouldn’t continue to take them, especially if you buy a supplement from an untrustworthy source because it may contain toxins.

Onward! You’ve supported your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs, your gut with healthy bacteria, and possibly propped up your immune system during winter months!

Let’s get to the fun part - physical fitness! 


What are your work-out and body goals for 2020?

Perhaps you want to lose the extra 10 pounds, or run the marathon. If you’re older, you may just want to keep a good daily walk or activity that will keep your body in motion.

One thing that Key stands for is that our health should be one of the primary pillars in our lives. We all go to work, spend time with friends, feed our pets, maintain our homes, and make time for fun! But what about our health? Is that one of your main values?

We see New Year Resolutions fail all the time because people want to reach a singular goal, such as losing weight or getting rock hard abs. They want to get there fast. They don’t see the results they wanted immediately and they give up.

But what if… the goal was simply to integrate working out as a daily exercise with the goal of feeling good. Not losing weight. Not looking good. Not attracting partners or winning marathons. No - the goal should be to feel healthy.

That’s a daily goal, feel healthy. Feel good.

One day, you’ll wake up and realize you did it. You stuck to your goal of feeling healthy and realize, you lost the weight! You got the washboard abs!

Because consistency is key in a health journey. We want your 2020 goal to be: FEELING GOOD!

We have curated our very own Key Nutrition End of Year Check-in!

Use these prompts to write down some thoughts, be grateful for what you’ve accomplished, and where you’re going!
  1. The highlight of the last year was…….
  2. For the remainder of this year, I want to feel …….
  3. I’ll be over the moon if by January 1st, I ……….
  4. One thing I’ll regret not doing in December is ……..
  5. In 2020, I want to give myself more permission to ……
  6. Next year, I want to feel…....
  7. I would like my 2020 daily health routine to look like ……..
  8. If I lose determination, I’ll remember ……….

We hope this Check-in helps you get excited for how epic the next year and decade will be for you! As always, it is our goal to be a big part of your health improvement and general wellness! The community we are building aims to hold our customers accountable and get them excited about feeling good!

Key Nutrition would LOVE to hear from you. Feel free to comment or reach out on our Facebook page to let us know what your health goals are for 2020.




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